About us


Our ultimate goal is to pamper you from head to foot in a beautiful, exclusive atmosphere. Our wellness masseuses will make every effort to ensure your stay with us is simply unforgettable. Expert massage techniques, absolute hygiene and friendliness are a matter of course for us. All the masseuses in our team are Swiss or German.

Time we take for ourselves is time that gives us something

Please plan enough time for your visit. Before each massage, we will take plenty of time to advise you in detail on the different types of massage available.

    We offer the following types of massage:

  • Health massage
  • Wellness massage
  • Erotic massage

Each of our massages has an erotic component, i.e. your genital area will be integrated into the massage in the most sensitive, imaginative way. Just let go and put yourself into to the gentle hands of our masseuses.

Of course, our health and wellness massages can also be booked without erotic stimulation. You will receive a 25% discount on the normal price.

You are the recipient of the massage. Enjoy this role without having to do anything. You will see how relaxed and happy you feel afterwards.

Our massages aim to give you a feeling of luxury, zest for living, sensuality and well-being, and are therefore designed purely for relaxation.

These massages are not covered by health insurance.


We attach great importance to hygiene.

Our luxurious shower area has everything you will need during your visit: disposable toothbrushes, mouthwash, shower gels, face cream, body lotion, hand disinfectant and perfume.

Fluffy bathrobes and disposable bathing shoes are also made ready for you.

Our showers are invariably cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before and after each use.

Work methods and rules

Our top priority is the well-being of our guests. We do our job with the utmost passion and commitment.

Our massages will also integrate your genitals in the most natural and harmonious way, should you so desire.

Our masseuses are all highly skilled. All you have to do is relax and let yourself go.

As a certain intimacy inevitably arises during the course of our work, we would like to ask you politely to respect the personal limits of our masseuses. A polite "no" must be accepted and respected. Friendly touches during the massage are always permitted.

Our wellness masseuses are not erotic professionals! However, many things are possible if there is mutual liking and attraction.

Put yourself wholly in our sensitive hands.


We attach great importance to sincere, respectful interaction. Mutual respect is the basis of trust.


Our masseuses are lightly clothed when giving massages. It goes without saying that you, as our guest, may express clothing preferences or have us pamper you naked.


We guarantee absolution discretion. We always make sure that you will not meet any other guests while you are spending time with us.


We accept all standard credit cards, Maestro, PostFinance or cash.